Coated Coil

We are dealing into all kinds of Steel Products and we are providing our services to various engineering segments like; Petro - Chemical, Line - pipes, Onshore-Offshore, OCTG, Thermal & Nuclear Power Plants, Wind Mills, Civil Constructions, Roofing & Pre - Engineering Building (PEB), Home - Appliances manufacturing, Automotive parts manufacturing etc.  We are successfully supplying the material for the implementation on the various segments as per customer’s & project's requirements from the reputed & approved mills of Korea & Europe.
They have good production facilities in their plants & they are catering the material as per various international standards like ASTM, API, ANSI, NACE etc. Furtherance, they have supplied the materials to various projects in the past & they have supply – experience for the various reputed Project Management Consultancies like Technip, Flour, TOYO, Shell, Chiyoda, EIL etc. We shall appreciate if you can advise us your detailed requirements pertaining to our steel items enabling us to make an offer as per your requirements, satisfaction & desire.

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Types of Coils :
  Galvanized Coils (Bare & Pre-Painted)
  Galvalumes Coils (Bare & Pre-Painted)
Pre - Coated Steel Coils
  Alcosta :   Hot dip Aluminized Steel
  Zincosta :  Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel
  Gacosta :  Galvannealed Steel
  Roofing & Pre- Engineering Building (PEB)
  Home Appliances

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