The Plastics and Post-Consumer Waste division in Ni-Met is in the forefront of enabling our society to evolve into an environmentally friendly and socially conscious one. Our strong commitment to the environment guarantees that the associates and partners we work with worldwide share this philosophy.

We have exclusive tie ups with several leading West European companies nominated by their respective governments to facilitate socially conscious and environmentally friendly recycling of post-consumer plastics. Along with our West European partners we manage up to 70% of their respective countries post-consumer recyclables in plastics.

Ni-Met is at the forefront in developing a win-win solution along with our partners, either generators of waste or recyclers. As a case study, we are establishing a closed loop recycling solution for a large quantity of Agricultural Film Waste in conjunction with a US based Farmer's Association. Ni-Met was one of the first Canadian companies to implement a closed loop project recycling used PET bottles into reusable shopping bags for large grocery chain.

We work in an ISO 9001 certified environment, are members of ISRI, BIR and CARI. To ensure that our recyclers meet with the highest industry standards, we conduct regular facility audits done by bodies such as TUV, CCIC, and SGS etc. in addition to self-inspections.

We handle about 25,000mt annually. Come, partner with us and take advantage of our global connections and industry leading ideas and solutions.

Material FORM PRODUCT GRADE Monthly Volumes ORIGIN
PET Post Consumer Bottles 70:30 Grade
80:20 Grade
90:10 Grade

Cold Washed
Hot Washed
1000 MT

1000 MT
Europe, North America, Mexico
HDPE Post Consumer Bottles (Clean & Washed Flakes) Natural Colour
Mix Colour

Blow Mould Grade
Extrusion Grade
Injection Grade
500 MT

800 MT
North America, Europe

North America, Mexico, South America
LDPE Post Industrial / Commercial / Consumer Films in Natural Colour 90:10 Grade
95:5 Grade
100% Clear
On Rolls

Cleaned Black AG Film
500 MT

1000 MT
North America, Europe
PVC Homopolymer ResinsClean Regrinds Lumps WhiteLight & Dark ShadeWhite 500 MT North America

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