Cored Wire

Ferro Silico Calcium Modification of inclusion for better mechanical properties and avoiding nozzle clogging in CC.
Calcium Iron As above for metals with low Si content 
Calcium Aluminum Iron As above and for Deoxidation
Calcium Alloy Nitride Nitrogenisation
Lead Alloying addition to improve machinability 
Sulphur Alloying addition to improve machinability
Tellurium Alloying addition to improve machinability
Selenium Alloying addition to improve machinability
Silicon Inoculation for Iron Foundry
Aluminum Deoxidation and Alloying addition
Aluminum Solid Wire Deoxidation and Alloying addition
Iron Temperature Optimization in Tundish
Boron  Alloying addition
Carbon Trimming addition
Chromium Trimming addition
Manganese  Trimming addition
Nitrided Manganese Nitrogenisation
Magnesium For desulfurisation of pig iron and SG iron. 
For Spherodisation in SG Foundry.
Niobium Alloying addition
Titanium  Alloying addition
Vanadium  Alloying addition
Zirconium Alloying addition